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Book One of The Chelandra Trilogy
Karina McRoberts
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ISBN: 978-1-921456-87-9

Subject: Fiction/Fantasy
Publication Date: November 2013

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An intelligent, exciting, soulful story, Chelandra is filled with fantasy, adventure, mystery, humour, and romance. It is a book about humanity and the precarious and glorious nature that supports it.

Immerse yourself in the myriad adventures of young Chelandran woman, Galla Jenari, as she travels through tumultuous lands of ethereal beauty to learn of the world around her. Along with her charming uncle, Obronder, the mysterious Yanerian, Masande, and the impetuous Gaklari, Shiran Ajaner, Galla encounters wonders both glorious and terrifying!

Creatures of gossamer and light; monsters of savage ferocity. Enchanted life forms and lake-dwelling spirits. Fantastic machines, wondrous cities and drowned citadels. Strange cultures and customs, fabulous fairs and intoxicating rituals. Frightening shamans, exotic music, and feverish dancing. Fiery battles, plague, starvation, and destruction. Characters quirky, murky, delightful and strange. Timeless wisdom, treacherous lovers, tender romance, and haunted insanity...

The companions discover all these things, but above all else, themselves, and each other.

Journey with them and discover Chelandra's secrets!

About The Author
Karina McRoberts was born in the USA and grew up in San Pedro, California. As an adult, she moved to Western Australia, and now lives in a rural oasis with her husband Bill, dog Tahshi, and a wonderful host of wildlife.

A retired teacher and scientist, she has a PhD in wildlife disease ecology and a deep reverence for nature. She is a firm believer in animal welfare, especially with regard to scientific research and practice.

With an abiding interest in many kinds of music, she loves to perform solo or with friends. Her first CD, a collection of mainly renaissance and world music, entitled Three Enchantments, has just been completed. Painting and writing are other cherished pastimes, and she is currently working on the next instalment of the Chelandra series.

Karina most sincerely thanks her readers, and hopes they derive much happiness from her stories.

From The Book
Chelandrans had very little knowledge of their ancestry. In Gobridor, since the time the castles were built (and no one knew when that was), the struggling human population grew slowly but steadily. Deaths from the cold, hunger, disease, accidents, warfare, and marauding djowers had declined. Births increased in the comfort and safety behind walls.

Lacking the knowledge and materials to build more castles, and being so busy merely surviving, there was no other option but for the expanding population to move underground. And so, the low-born and other "undesirable" folk were made to do so.

In Blya, these "Downdwellers", as they were known, lived close to an underground river, the Aju. The Aju glowed pleasingly with a rose-gold light. No one knew why. How beautiful it was! And the very stones of the labyrinths glowed with phosphorescent fungi and glowbugs.

These were the light sources of the river folk...

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